Hands-on training developed for surgeons by surgeons


Cardiac Trainers offer world-class education 


Blending hands-on practice with videos from world-class surgeons, Cardiac Trainers prepare surgeons with more practice hours than OR time can provide.


Brought to you by Synaptic Design in partnership with the Cleveland Clinic

The Cardiac Trainer prepared me to excel in surgery residency. I was far ahead of my peers in terms of technical skills and Cardiac Trainers helped me get there.
— Elissa Butler, Surgical Resident
The materials are well crafted and appropriately proportioned so that when you practice, you are practicing the right thing
— Attending physician

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Cardiac Trainer starter kit
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Cardiac Trainers have been designed to provide users with hands on practice to develop their cardio-thoracic surgery skills. Each kit comes ready to use with a full set of consumable parts. Each kit also comes with access to a full set of instructional videos by Dr. Gabriel Loor providing instructions for how to best use the kits.

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